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50 Years
of Experience

Inertia Resources was built to give consumers the best options in regards to their individual utility needs nationwide. As a preferred premium broker, we are able to offer plans and pricing that are not available to the public and help our customers receive the best pricing options for the life time of their business.

What We Do Best

What We Do Best

Commercial Property Utility Management

As the commercial and residential real estate market continues to get more and more competitive, developers are always looking for a competitive edge over their competition. Inertia Energy Services was created to help developers aggregate their portfolio and save their tenants thousands of dollars on utility costs. Our easy to ...

Commercial Energy

Suppliers are all different, and we want to make sure that you are with an energy supplier that is going to tailor their pricing to your individual pricing needs.

Commercial Gas

As a premium broker, we truly put ourselves above the rest by educating our customers on how the market works and maintaining a strong relationship with the best gas suppliers in the industry.